Over the years I have spoken at dozens of conferences. Some of the recent conferences have released videos of the recordings which I collected into a playlist on YouTube.

I also publish a written version of each of my talks as an article. These are listed below.

If you would like me to speak at your conference, meetup, or organization, send me an email.

Crafting maintainable Laravel applications

10 tips for crafting maintainable Laravel applications which leverage features of the Laravel framework while remaining easy to upgrade.

10 minute read →

42 Git Questions Answered

Answers to 42 Git questions asked during a recent training I lead to guide a development team from git init to Git Master.

12 minute read →

Laravel - Some Shifty Bits

A review of underutilized Laravel features found by Shift analytics and shared at Laracon US 2019.

12 minute read →

10 practices for readable code

A set of 10 practices for writing code with a focus on improving readability and reducing complexity.

5 minute read →

Laravel by the Numbers

A unique analysis of data from Laravel Shift on over 8,000 Laravel apps.

10 minute read →

Writing Clean Code

Three simple practices to help write clean code and improve the readability of a codebase.

4 minute read →

Practicing YAGNI

A summary of my talk at Laracon US 2016 on "Practicing YAGNI".

4 minute read →


A post from my talk as MOSSCon about contributing to Open Source.

4 minute read →

21 Ways to Make WordPress Fast

WordPress is slow. We know. It's on you to make WordPress fast. This post offers 21 ways to make your site and WordPress faster.

9 minute read →

My Talk at WordCamp Louisville: Configuring WordPress for Multiple Environments

A follow up post from my talk on Configuring WordCamp for Multiple Environments at WordCamp Louisville 2011.

2 minute read →

My Talk at WordCamp Chicago: Configuring WordPress for Multiple Environments

A follow up post about my talk on Configuring WordPress for Multiple Environments at WordCamp Chicago. It includes a link to the original blog post, slides, code samples, and a note about the proposed Unconference Talk.

3 minute read →