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A review of 2019 and goals for 2020

A look back at my goals from 2019 and an outline of my goals for 2020.

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Testing middleware behavior with controller assertions

Test your controller actions use the expected middleware with a simple assertion.

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Streamlining Laravel

A proposal of the top changes I'd like to see which streamline Laravel and a the developer experience.

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Installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL on macOS Catalina

This is an update of a previous post to install Apache, PHP, and MySQL on Mac OS for macOS Catalina.

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Crafting maintainable Laravel applications

10 tips for crafting maintainable Laravel applications which leverage features of the Laravel framework while remaining easy to upgrade.

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Maintaining Laravel config files

A review of a recent change to Laravel Shift as it relates to a recommendation for crafting maintainable Laravel applications.

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TDD, Outside-In, and YAGNI

An outline of developing a feature practicing TDD, Outside-In, and YAGNI to demonstrate the intricacies of these practices working together.

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Why your team should not be upgrading old Laravel applications

Why upgrading your old Laravel applications is a waste of your resources with a pitch for Shift do it instead.

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Start testing your Laravel applications

An in-depth guide to using HTTP Tests to get started writing tests for your Laravel application.

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10 practices for readable code

A set of 10 practices for writing code with a focus on improving readability and reducing complexity.

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Untangling Nested Code

How to identify the different forms of nested code and refactor them to more readable code.

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You changed the code, you didn't refactor the code.

A closer look at the important difference between changing code and refactoring code.

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Compensation tips

Advice on compensation, seeking raises, and determining when to change jobs shared from my own experiences.

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Practicing YAGNI

A summary of my talk at Laracon US 2016 on "Practicing YAGNI".

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100 days practicing TDD

A retro after practicing test driven development for 100 days.

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Are you a Boy Scout?

A look at how the simple practice of "boyscouting" can improve your code.

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Configuring Apache Virtual Hosts on Mac OS X

Tutorial for configuring Apache Virtual Hosts on Mac OS X.

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The Reading List

A list of books culled over the years on the journey to improve my craft as a software engineer.

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Common debugging for PHP and MySQL

This post provides a basic checklist for common database debugging when developing with examples in PHP and MySQL.

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Why I leave a job

A reflection on the core criteria of a good job after deciding to leave The New York Times.

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