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Lowering the time cost of testing existing Laravel applications

Ways to reduce the cost of setting up your existing Laravel application for testing.

Published in Main Thread 1 hour ago • 5 min read

A Shifty Email Bug

I woke up to 56 emails, 17 tweets, 9 Slack messages, and 4 telegrams. It was 7:07 AM.

Published in Main Thread 2 days ago • 6 min read

Start testing your Laravel applications

An in-depth guide to using HTTP Tests to get started writing tests for your Laravel application.

Published in Main Thread 1 week ago • 21 min read

Testing validation in Laravel by asserting a Form Request

An alternative approach to testing validation in Laravel which minimizes the number of tests required, while maximizing confidence.

Published in Main Thread 3 weeks ago • 5 min read

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Installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL on macOS Mojave

This is an update of a previous post to install Apache, PHP, and MySQL on Mac OS for macOS Mojave.

Published in Main Thread on November 26th • 3 min read

10 practices for readable code

A set of 10 practices for writing code with a focus on improving readability and reducing complexity.

Published in Main Thread on September 18th • 5 min read

Laravel by the Numbers

A unique analysis of data from Laravel Shift on over 8,000 Laravel apps.

Published in Main Thread on July 25th • 10 min read

Practicing YAGNI

A summary of my talk at Laracon US 2016 on "Practicing YAGNI".

Published in Main Thread in 2016 • 4 min read