Once I Gave Money to a Bum

Life Stories 1 min read

After recent trips to New York, San Francisco, and Chicago I remembered a story from my childhood.

Walking the streets of any big city you're bound to cross paths with a bum. Now I know, bum is politically incorrect. But please continuing reading.

I always feel bad when they ask for money. I used to want to give them something. But I don't and it isn't because I never have cash.

When I was a kid, I remember being out with my Mom and saw a bum. Cardboard sign and all. I told my Mom I felt bad for him. My Mom said, “You have money, go help him.”

I did have money. A crisp $10 bill from cutting the lawn. So I went over, “Here Mister!”, and gave him my $10. Little Jashon making a difference. I was so proud.

That bum pulled a roll of bills from his pocket, wrapped my $10, and put it back in his pocket. No acknowledgment. No “Thanks“. He just turned around and kept begging.

So I don't give money to bums. That bum ruined it for everyone.

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