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I remember my first weekend at Purdue. It was the last weekend before classes started. Everyone was moving in and the campus was filling up with kids ready to experience college. I joined several of my dorm hall neighbors and went out to party.

Upon returning to the dorm Liam noticed his roommate arrived. He was paired with a roommate from Sumatra. Liam, a good old boy from Pennsylvania, felt a little uneasy without having first met the foreigner. My roommate was gone for the weekend. So I told Liam he could sleep in his bed. We passed out.

Some hours later I woke up. Something was off. As my brain began to function I noticed things. These weren't my sheets. I didn't have a dehumidifier. And that sure wasn't Liam in the bunk across from me. I got down from the loft. I'm in my boxers. Where the fuck am I? I unlock and open the door. I'm in my dorm hall. After stepping into the hallway, I realize I'm next door in Liam's room.

I go to open my door, expecting it to be unlocked. It's locked. I knock. I hear Liam scramble around. He opens the door, “Dude, what the hell?” I explain. He assures me we went to sleep in my room. We try to figure it out for a minute, laugh, and go back to sleep.

In the morning, we ask Liam's roommate if he remembered anything. He didn't let me in. I didn't have keys. How did I get out of my bed, lock my door, and get into Liam's room without a key?

To this day, it's still a mystery…

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