Buying a hatchet in Manhattan

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I enjoy the outdoors. Last year I hiked 156 miles of the Appalachian Trail. As soon as I finished I knew I would hike more.

I recently moved to New York. So once Spring was here to stay, I broke out the trail map. A train stops right along the Appalachian Trail 86 miles north of New York City.

Unfortunately not all of my gear made the move. Several items were left behind. One of which was my hatchet. I needed a replacement.

I set out to the local Home Depot over lunch. You see I am from Kentucky. Where Home Depot has a whole aisle of axes and a guy who could tell you about each one. So I didn't think anything of it.

I jumped on the subway to midtown. There was a Home Depot off 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron District.

This happened to be the fanciest Home Depot ever. Storefront windows. Elegant displays. The look of a retail store, not the concrete and orange steel of a standard Home Depot.

I walked straight in and asked:

"Where are your axes and hatchets?"

The preppiest Home Depot worker ever answered awkwardly:

"Ahh. What are you doing?"

I did not respond. Only stared at him waiting for the answer. Which I now realize likely made things more awkward.

He quickly became helpful.

"Downstairs. In the back."

Needless to say, their selection was not great. Then again, why would anyone in Manhattan buy a hatchet?

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