Beerio Kart

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Mario Kart for Nintendo 64 is one of the classic racing games. Growing up I played against my brothers everyday after school. The last startup I worked for had Mario Kart, albeit for the Wii. After a few days of knocking off the rust I dominated. At least until a young whippersnapper joined the team.

Over time our epic races attracted coworkers. We did versus and battle, but it wasn't as fun as two player. We needed something more. One Friday, when Snappy Hour was about to begin, Beerio Kart was born.

Beerio Kart Rules

The rules of Beerio Kart are simple.

  1. No drinking and driving. You cannot play while you're drinking.

  2. You can only drink during the race. The race starts after the green light and ends once the first racer finishes.

  3. You must finish your beer before the end of the last race in the cup. Failure to finish your beer results in disqualification.

The player with the best score at the end of the cup wins. For two players you can use the Mario Kart scoring. For three or more players you will need to track the place of each player after each race. Sum the places up at the end of the cup. The lowest score wins.

You're welcome to create your own track rules. Such as increasing the number of drinks per cup or further restricting when a player can drink.

Enjoy and drink responsibly.

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