My Talk at WordCamp Louisville: Configuring WordPress for Multiple Environments

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First, a thanks to everyone that attended WordCamp Louisville 2011 and my talk – Configuring WordPress for Multiple Environments. Second, I'm sorry for any disorganization during my talk. I was informed minutes before the opening remarks that I moved from the first talk after lunch to the first of the day. In addition, my session shrank from 45 minutes to 25 minutes due to the late start. Either put any speaker in a tough spot. I like to tempt the speaker gods by adding several demos to my talk. Unfortunately I was not prepared for my first demo and had to cut others. I take my share of the blame on preparedness. However, I think everyone in attendance noticed that the schedule, if nothing else, was disorganized.

With that said, I wanted to share the resources for my talk. As this was more or less the same talk I gave at WordCamp Chicago, I've provided some links to that material to avoid duplication. You can find the slides on SlideShare. Code samples of the wp-config.php files and using environment constants taken from my WordCamp Chicago post. Finally, the original post leading to this talk can be found on the VIA Studio blog titled Configuring WordPress for Multiple Environments.

After the talk I received several questions regarding migrating the database between environments and handling absolute URLs. This seems to be a continual pain point. I've put it on the list to write a post or possibly develop a WordPress plugin. Look for more information here or the VIA Studio blog in the coming weeks.

I welcome your feedback and questions regarding my talk. Speaking is a recent development for me. I find it rewarding and look forward giving more talks at future WordCamps. I also enjoyed meeting everyone that stopped by the “Genius Bar” hosted by VIA Studio and the after party at the BBC. Please feel free to contact me or us at VIA Studio. Also, if anyone took any photos during my talk I would appreciate a copy.

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