Shift Developer Platform

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From inception I planned to open Laravel Shift to developers. However, I first wanted to prove Shift was something Laravel developers would use. After the Laravel 5.3 release in August, Shift appeared to be growing organically.

Next, I wanted to see how easily another developer -- unfamiliar with the platform -- could build a Shift. So I did a pilot with Bobby Bouwmann and Freek Van der Herten to develop the Lumen and Laravel Package Shifts.

Now I'm ready -- and excited -- to announce the Shift Developer Platform.

Will you still build Shifts?

I will always build the core Laravel Shifts. But it's clear from feedback there are more Shifts to build than I have time for. So, I'd prefer to focus on the core and allow developers to build Shifts.

What Shifts can I build?

Anything that would convert, transform, or upgrade the codebase of a Laravel project. This includes Laravel, Laravel Packages, and Lumen as well as components of the Laravel framework, such as Vue.js.

Examples range from micro-Shifts that convert Filters to Middleware or routes to the new fluent syntax to larger Shifts that upgrade code related to a Laravel Package or lint the codebase for best practices.

Can I charge for my Shift?

The Shift Developer Platform will support both paid and free Shifts. Inline with other app development platforms, revenue from Shifts will be split 70/30. 70% for the developer, 30% for Shift to cover payment processing fees, server costs, and support.

How do I become a Shift developer?

The beta for the Shift Developer Platform will launch in February. You can enroll to become a Shift Developer so you have early access to the platform as it's available.

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