Louisville PHP User Group

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Update: The Louisville PHP User Group is now on Meetup.com. Join the group for future updates.

For years I have looked for a Louisville PHP User Group. As Louisville is primarily a .NET town, my hopes for PHP have never been high. Unfortunately the Louisville tech community doesn't cross pollinate. Nonetheless, I have come across several developers and shops over the years using PHP. So there is PHP in Louisville.

If you want something done, do it yourself.

So I'm starting the Louisville PHP User Group. The first meetup will mostly be a meet and greet. We'll vote on a group name. Something catchy like LouPUG or PHINKY. I'll also provide a brief recap from attending php[tek] the week before. And of course they'll be PHP swag.

The proposed schedule is to meet the last Wednesday of the month. Details for our first meetup are below. Please comment with your interest and help us spread the word.

Louisville PHP User Group
Wednesday, May 30th @ 6:30pm
VIA Studio
1201 Story Avenue
Suite 203
Louisville, KY 40206
Get Directions

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