I Don't Disagree

Rants April 12, 2015 • 1 min read

I first wrote this post a year ago. Although I support my original message, its delivery failed. I recently identified another statement which may relay the message more easily.

I don't disagree.

While I recognize the diplomacy of this statement, it remains cryptic. Regardless of its grammatical or mathematical interpretations, there is something lost in translation.

What does this statement actually convey? Does it mean you agree? Then why not say, "I agree."

Maybe you disagree, but have watered-down the language to avoid disruption. However, in doing so you have withheld critical feedback.

I have reached a point in my career where I am honing my craft. As a software engineer I have found value in the simplicity and clarity of my code. I try to boast the signal and decrease the noise.

Such statements are noisy. Much like my first draft, it detracts from the message. There is nothing harder than communication. We should do what we can to simplify the delivery.

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