Getting Git - A Video Series

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Update: The Getting Git video series is now available for early access.

Over the last 5 years I've helped companies migrate from SVN to Git, trained teams on using Git, and spoken at conferences about Git. The one thing I see each time is developers feel empowered once they learn Git.

The issue is that at first I didn't really learn Git. I just memorized a handful of commands, like git add and git commit. Or, worse yet, I used an evil wizard to manage Git for me.

This meant whenever there was a problem I got stuck. I resorted to silly things like making backup files and recloning the repository to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. When all else failed, I would ask my coworker Richard (the resident Git master) to fix it for me.

The problem is not everyone has a Richard (no pun). Or maybe you are the Richard of your team (again, no pun) and want to remain the Git master.

Either way, I decided to turn my talks and training materials into a video series I'm calling "Getting Git". Currently I have outlined over 40 videos, which I will continue to add to even after the initial release.

The format is simple - No evil wizards. We will learn Git from the command line. Each command will be covered in two videos: the basic usage followed by more advanced usages.

My goal is to release the introductory videos in the next few weeks, with an early access by end of year.

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