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I don't know what it is, but I somehow know electronic devices. I'm not talking about how to use them. Unfortunately, I can't describe exactly what I mean by know. I find it similar to osmosis – the process of molecule transfer between objects. As such, I am calling this electrosis – the process by which energy transfers between electrical devices and us. Let me provide some examples.

I am a developer, so I am around computers most hours of the day. I can't tell you how many times I have written some code, ran it, and got an error. I can say if I had a dollar every time, I'd be able to write a lot more blog posts. Now for the real question for all you developers. How many times do you know the error? I don't mean you read the message or got the line number. I mean in the same instant you realized it didn't work, you also knew the problem. Now most would immediately suggest that this is nothing more than experience. And I would agree that any good developer intimately knows their code. Yet, I am beginning to believe there is something more here. Why didn't I know the error moments earlier, before I tried to run my code? Did the literally computer tell me the error once I ran the code?

Lets consider another example that removes experience. I often have my iPhone on silent (without sound or vibration). For meetings or in an effort not to be rude, I flip that little switch on the side. More often than not I have pulled my iPhone out of my pocket to find someone calling or that I just received a text. I'm not talking about a call I was expecting. This is a truly random call. How did I know that my phone was ringing? What triggered my reaction to reach into my pocket and check my iPhone at a near unconscious level?

I say the answer to these questions is electrosis. No one can disagree that these devices put off energy. Both the electrical device and the human body are sophisticated things. What if we have a sensitivity to the energy given off by one another. In doing so we created some kind of symbiosis. Is it really that crazy to think that those of us frequently around electrical devices have formed some kind of bond? To me it's no different than adapting to your natural environment. We are in the Age of Technology. Technology driven to be more integrated, personalized, and usable. It's not a great leap that these devices are becoming part of us.

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