All my articles on Git.

Committing to the wrong branch

Exploring the various Git commands you can run when you make a commit on the wrong branch.

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Using git bisect

A real world example of using git bisect to find a bug deep in my application code.

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Stop aliasing core Git commands

Some claim aliasing core Git commands is the "Right Way". It's not.

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A closer look at git rebase

For some, git rebase falls on the magic end of the spectrum for Git commands. In this post, we'll take a closer look at git rebase.

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Git - Command line vs GUIs

A case for using Git from the command line instead of GUIs.

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When to make a Git commit

2 rules I follow for when to make commits.

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Getting Git - A Video Series

The pre-announcement of my new video series "Getting Git" - a comprehensive guide from git init to Git master.

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3 Git Commands I use every day

Some insight into three of the Git commands I use every day.

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